Our in-house team has crafted market-leading proprietary technology systems that work together. Giving retailers and borrowers a better experience and outcome.


Efficiency at the Point of Sale

Giving dealerships full control with our QST system

Customize and control your own quotes.

Track each customer’s credit application with our full proposal management system.

Keep up-to-date with the status of deals with our two-way communication portal.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Find the best finance options for your customers with PREview.

Manage customer expectations early in the sales process.

Identify the best possible finance option for your customers using a preliminary soft search.


Lightning Fast Finance Decisions with Fibre

Quickly identify finance options for your customers with our automated decision engine.

Fibre compares results to a variety of underwriting criteria from various lenders in real-time.

Applications are automatically distributed to the most suitable lender.

Fibre connects the right customer with the best lender in the shortest amount of time possible.
Avoid unnecessary credit checks.


Secure, Paper-Free Documents

Take the paper out of paperwork with Click Docs eSign

Unique and fully compliant

Customers have the option to complete their documents remotely using their mobile phones.

Practical and convenient for them and you.


Helping your business thrive

It's never been easier to keep track of your leads

Dealers provided with a consistent stream of pre-approved leads.

We process low-credit-score customers on your behalf

Dealers receive a pipeline of fully qualified, accepted, and validated leads.