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Converting declines into approvals

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How does it work?

Our comprehensive lender portfolio also includes our very own lending facility ‘Unity Auto Finance’. This means that we can deliver a higher acceptance rate than any other motor finance provider. As such, DSG are an ideal ‘2nd string’ solution for dealer groups and car supermarkets.

Comprehensive lender portfolio

Deliver higher acceptance rates

Ideal 2nd string solution

Customers can still qualify for ‘prime’ terms, even if they have been declined elsewhere.

More approvals, more sales

Customers can still qualify for ‘prime terms, even if they have been declined elsewhere. If one or two lenders have already declined a customer’s application – then this represents only one or two ‘opinions’, and is not a true reflection of the customer’s creditworthiness.

Each of our lenders has their own scorecard and customer criteria that is unique to them. In other words, what might be suitable for one lender, may not be for another.

With 10 different prime lenders on our panel, DSG are effectively able to compare the market, and ensure that your dealership and your customers receive the best possible terms available.

The hidden cost to dealers of not sending their declines to DSG

Our research shows that dealership personnel can often ‘give up’ on trying to get a customer placed on finance because they make one of two assumptions on what the outcome will be:

The customer will just be declined again

If the customer were to get accepted, the APR and monthly repayments will increase and the customer won't agree to the revised terms.

The reality, however, is quite different; the vast majority of acceptances we generate are on ‘prime’ terms – meaning that the APR and repayment rate often remains the same to what the customer was originally quoted when ordering the car.

During a recent audit

During a recent audit, conducted on behalf of the senior management of a high profile dealer group, it was discovered that in one month their dealerships had not forwarded on 65 proposals for customers who had been declined elsewhere.

Based on the dealers average conversion and income per transaction, this had cost the dealer group around 25 lost sales in a single month.

Equating to

£ 0
in lost revenue over a 12 month period.

Non-prime made simple

With our own Rate-For-Risk lending facility Unity Auto Finance, as well as a range of various other lenders, we enable dealerships to cater for virtually every customer credit profile. We are also able to offer PCP across most tiers of acceptance – which helps make your cars more affordable for customers.


To save dealerships time and help convert more non-prime approvals into actual delivered sales, our internal team of experienced Business Managers are able to liaise with the customer on your behalf, conducting affordability assessment and ensuring the transaction proceeds smoothly and quickly.


By supporting dealerships in this way, we make transacting non-prime business simple and more efficient for you and your dealerships.

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up to 82% of the declined deals sent to us by major dealer groups were converted into approvals