Our 5 Core Solutions

Our product and service range has been carefully designed to deliver optimal outcomes for car dealerships and their customers.

Giving every finance proposal the best possible chance of being approved on prime terms
Maximising dealership finance penetration and profitability
Making cars more affordable for customers
Adding a marketing edge for dealerships over their competitors
Enabling dealerships to cater for every possible customer funding requirement

Converting declines into approvals

In 2021, up to 82% of the declined deals sent to us by major dealer groups were converted into approvals. Our wide range of prime and non-prime lenders mean we are able to cover more credit statuses than any single lender. By effectively ‘comparing the market’ we can ensure that you and your customers go on to receive the best possible outcomes available.

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PCP solutions: making cars affordable for all

Available on cars up to 10yrs old – we offer very strong GFVs to help make cars more affordable for both ‘Prime’ and ‘Non-Prime’ customers. This gives our dealer partners a marketing edge over the competition – as well as turning more non-prime accepts into paid out transactions.

High loan-to-value & negative equity solutions made simple

If your existing provider will not lend the amount you are looking for, then we have a range of solutions to helping fund negative equity or product sales in addition to the vehicle – helping you maximise the profitability within each transaction

LCV solutions & support to drive your sales

We have a unique range of PCP, HP, Lease, and HP + Balloon solutions for LCVs to help you maximise commercial vehicle sales and finance opportunities. Our dedicated LCV team can help provide additional support to your sites wherever needed.

High-value, prestige & performance car finance specialists

From £50,000 LandRovers to £2m+ Supercars, we have the UK’s leading team of prestige & performance finance specialists who can help you tailor a solution to your clients needs – or even place business you may have had declined elsewhere