Working with Celtic Automotive

Working with Celtic Automotive

We have had the pleasure of working with Celtic Automotive and are thrilled with the testimonial we have received.

We have been using the DSG platform for almost a year and it is very user friendly with multiple options for a wide range of customer profiles.

The pay-out process is quick and simple and the electronic signing option is excellent as this allows customers to complete this short process on their smart phone or computer to allow a faster turnaround to collect their vehicle.  The dealer team are always available and very accommodating when we need to speak with them which enables our partnership with DSG to work very smoothly for us and our customers.

Celtic Automotive

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Adam: The Regional Development Manager

Adam Sanders is the Regional Development Manager for Celtic Automotive and joined DSG in 2017. He covers the Main Dealer Network in the West Midlands down to Bristol, as well as South Wales.

Adam always aims to go above and beyond and he demonstrates a strong desire to help others, either within his dealers or DSG, making him a popular member of the team. Adam has extensive knowledge of the F&I arena which enables him to develop individuals and teams. Using his abilities he helps them maximise opportunities with DSG and increase their F&I penetration, as well as overall vehicle sales.

Celtic Automotive are an independent dealer that have been very welcoming and supportive from the start. We have a good working relationship that supports each other in both directions and they have recognised the benefits that we can bring to them and embraced it which enables them to sell more vehicles and improves their F&I performance. 

Adam Sanders, Regional Development Manager for the Central West Region
We’re pleased to announce that we have been awarded ‘Best Service for Dealers’ at the October 2021 Car Finance Awards. Click here to find out more.