The world of consumer credit has never been so crowded, as existing providers constantly tweak their offerings, online finance platforms look to make an impact and new high street players
seek to enter the marketplace.

Inevitably, motor dealers feel the pain more than most, with margins already under intense pres- sure, and a wide array of potential customers who all require finance packages tailored to their precise requirements.

Checking every detail in each individual’s credit history is cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if dealership staff lack real-time access to the right databases, or the correct skill-set to fully understand the minute complexities of consumer credit legislation.

No wonder savvy dealers are turning in ever- increasing numbers to specialist finance brokers to provide the financial solutions and the data they require, allowing front-line staff to focus on what they do best – developing customer relationships and selling vehicles.

Stockport-based DSG Finance has been providing bespoke motor finance options to major dealers since it was established 28 years ago. Sales director Mark Gow has been with the broker since 1995 and makes a persuasive and passionate ambassador.

“Put simply, our core role is helping senior management teams reduce their workload, and that of their sales staff, by streamlining their existing funder policy,” he says. “This enables us to create and implement successful strategies to help dealers improve their used car volumes, and their overall finance penetration.”

“There has never been just one lender able to cater for every possible customer credit status or funding requirement so dealers were forced to manage multiple funder relationships.”

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Revolutionising the customer journey…

DSG Finance are pleased to be the first broker to deliver a technological solution to enhance both the customer experience and regulatory compliance of the signing experience with multiple lenders.

Unique to the motor finance industry, DSG have innovated an e-sign solution, named Click Docs, which reduces the traditional point of sale finance process from a minimum of a six steps to just three. Eliminating paper, increasing security, ensuring compliance for lenders, dealers and the customer, Click Docs simplifies finance for all.


VS Click Docs

So why have DSG developed and launched Click Docs?

Richard Hoggart, CEO at DSG Finance explains: “Point of sale finance has become complicated. Quite rightly we need to ensure the process is compliant, that we confirm identity and entitlement, however it doesn’t have to, and indeed shouldn’t be a paper based approach in 2016.

Customers time is precious. If we can reduce the requirement for administration generated visits to the dealership then we should do so. If this then results in an improved environment for our customer to consider the terms and makes the need for dealers to photocopy private papers unnecessary, then, as an innovative business, we are surely obligated to pursue it.

The industry has strived to improve the application process and now we have delivered simplification to the signing process. ”

Jenny Parker, Head of Operations at DSG Finance adds “Click Docs presents the document for several lenders on a uniform platform following an identical process. Barclays, Creation, Startline, Marsh & Billing are already engaged with 3 other lenders likely to be live in the next month.

We have structured the technology to ensure we require no IT time from participating dealers. Our compliance department also works closely to with the legal departments of all lenders to demonstrate the robustness of the compliance and legal aspects.”

If you would like to find out more about how Click Docs can improve your customer journey contact DSG Sales Director Mark Gow on 07973831913.