Storm LPP & HP


With a choice between HP with rates starting at 2.99% or LPP (HP with a baloon) you will be able to please even the most payment concious customers. Try our online calculators that will allow you to set your own commissions and remain in control of your deal!

Our unique MAIA Online system allows direct access to these schemes for our dealers, and offers a wealth of features for High Value Vehicles.

  • HP rates starting at 2.99% with a minimum £100 commission.
  • No loading on HP deals for 60 month terms.
  • Low Payment Plan (ie HP with a balloon) campaign with APR's from 6.9%.
  • Compare multiple quotations all on the same screen together.
  • Residual products for cars as old as 7 years at the end of the agreement.
  • Our PCP and LPP schemes can accomodate customers with negative equity.
  • Bank Robber scheme to offer HP and Personal Loans with very low APR's and NO FEES.

Through MAIA Online access to our residual products is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.