Compliance Monitoring

By introducing a programme of routine testing and monitoring, we ensure our staff meet both the highest compliance and quality standards expected by the regulator, the senior management team and our customers.

All of our team undertake the firm’s own in-house bespoke compliance training alongside the industry recognised Specialist Automotive Finance qualifications.

We recognise that customers can be vulnerable for many reasons and they need additional support from us. As such, we have a clear high-level policy in place which is supported by detailed, bespoke in house training to help us understand the needs of our customers.

 Our compliance department contact every customer after their agreement has been processed. We seek to ensure that the customer understands the finance agreement they have entered into, their statutory rights, and that they have been provided with all necessary documentation.

We also use this opportunity to conduct a short customer satisfaction survey both in relation to our own performance and that of our supplying dealer partners. This provides highly valuable information. We are able to feed back to staff when we are given positive feedback, but we are also able to identify any trends which may require action. This then feeds into our ongoing TCF process development to ensure that we continue to treat each customer fairly.